The Complete Conference, Inc.



Needs Assessment, Goals and Objectives, Program Design, Meeting Format, Marketing Strategies, Timelines, Budgets, Themes, Promotions

Resource Development
and Coordination

Site Selection, Negotiations, Contracts, Caterers, Entertainment, Speakers, Tradeshows, Menu Design, Special Events, Pre-Registration, Bookkeeping, Travel Arrangements

Meeting Execution

Facility Staff Liaison, Meeting Room Set-Up, Audio-Visual Equipment, Meals, Breaks and Receptions, Registration, Recreation, Hospitality, Scheduling and Communications, Gratuities, On-Site Supervision, Billing Analysis, Contractual Follow-Through

Post Meeting Review/Evaluation

Meeting Components, Costs, Effectiveness, Implications for Future Meetings

Association Management

Professional Offices Services, Executive Leadership, Financial Accounting and Record Keeping, Communications, Publications, Marketing, Conference and Tradeshow Management